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Where'd you like to go? Your trip starts here. If you like traveling Things to see Hotels Restaurants. A special place for travelers. Here's what they have to say:. Minube is my travel companion, one that I always carry with me in my pocket or my backpack. It's where I share the experiences I have and it's where I go to find things to dorestaurantshotelsand even flights.

Minube has something special that I think is lacking in similar travel apps Minube is not just about rating and reviewing a hotel breakfast, the price of a museum, or the beauty of a landscape. Minube is a place where travelers come to share because we want others to enjoy our discoveries and avoid our errors. Minube is a network for and by those of us with two grand passions in life: As a photographer and traveler, I have to admit I fell in love with minube at first sight.

I'm usually skeptical casino bet and win playa del carmen travel sites that recommend tourist attractions, perhaps because I'm a photographer and tend to seek out places that are less-visited or "hidden. For me, it became a source of inspiration more info a place where I could find recommendations more info things to do in even the most out-of-the-way destinations.

I realized that minube is not a site casino bet and win playa del carmen just trying to sell you something, but rather a place source can help you in all stages of your trip local cuisine, restaurants, points of interest, hidden places, where to stayregardless of your travel style. During our two year long trip around the world, minube was an excellent tool to discover new and exotic destinations and save the places we wanted to visit.

The ability to save places and see them on a map really casino bet and win playa del carmen us organize our trip and the ability this web page download your saved places to your phone is a pretty unique and helpful idea, especially compared to other travel sites. In just about every place we visited, we found the reviews and photos casino bet and win playa del carmen for finding things to do as well as restaurants and hotels.

Minube has redefined the way I plan my trips. As a photographer, I'm a tremendously visual person and a lot of times a beautiful photo is all it takes to convince me to pack casino bet and win playa del carmen bag and head out into the world. Minube's community not only gives practical advice and recommendations the kind that only travelers can givebut they also share gorgeous photos that help you discover some truly incredible places.

Above all, I like the fact that I can return home after a trip full of unforgettable experiences and share them with fellow travelers. Who knows, maybe I'll be the one to inspire them to discover a new destination!

As part of the team which helps build and improve minube every day, my goal is to make minube an ideal place to share all of those cool, hidden places we discover along my journeys.

By sharing the things we love, we can inspire other travelers to live their own unique experiences. Simply put, we want to help you discover the most amazing places on Earth.

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In the past month I have come across too many people admitting their profile portraits on their website were shot with a smartphone. Also there was no shame or guilty look in their eyes! Personally I don't think this is possible, and as this is my subjective view, I will have to explain myself using what I believe to be a good portrait as a framework. A good portrait should make the subject look good and make the viewer want article source engage.

How do you make someone look good? They already look great you just have to harvest that light correctly casino bet and win playa del carmen represent them in the best way possible, and this is where the technical bits come in.

The focal length of the camera in your smartphone ranges from 25mm to 31mm, this depends on the length of the lens and the size of the sensor. This is a prime lens so when you zoom in it actually casino bet and win playa del carmen magnifies and crops this image and won't change the focal length, loosing quality in the process.

This focal length is equivalent to a wide-angle lens when you compare it to a DSLR camera. These lenses are used to allow more of the environment to be captured within one image. Think of standing in a small room and being able to get more of your peripheral view into the picture. It bends the light to be able to do this and in turn will distort objects, making an object closer to the lens appear larger than usual. Now take this into consideration when taking a close up portrait of someone, that normal nose will become larger than life… Using casino bet and win playa del carmen 70mmmm is considered ideal for portraiture, as this will get rid of lens distortion, creating a more flattering image and allow a bit of space between you and your subject, which would be less intimidating.

A longer lens in collaboration with the right aperture will also allow selective focus. Depth of field refers to the depth of an image that will be in focus. Wide lenses have a greater depth of field, allowing everything to be in focus while a longer lens will have a selective focus.

So, when taking a portrait of someone where the subject is in focus baden baden spielbank casino the background is blurry, the attention will stay on the subject.

Or when doing close up's you can concentrate on the eyes for an engaging, intimate effect. In the comparison you can easily see the distortion and the difference in depth, but now you can argue "He's not smiling!

Niall was much more confortable when I took a step back. There is also a shift in confidence that I've noticed on many occasions when you pull out the casino bet and win playa del carmen guns'. Now the iPhone 7 with its portrait function is trying to replicate this effect. It uses a dual-camera system to create a faux depth of field effect with a Gaussian blur to simulate this effect.

It houses a 28mm as well as a 56mm equivalent lens. This gets close to simulating the depth you can achieve with a wide lens so could work well with environmental portraits but not headshots and will not come close to what you can achieve with a proper portrait lens.

Lastly from a technical point of view, I just want to touch on light. Smartphones have proven themselves very capable of capturing natural light, so when studio is not involved, the smartphone can be seen as an equal. Here the photographer has to take responsibility of understanding light and how it effects it's subject. Top lit will create shadows under the eyes, incandescent lighting will give a yellow hue while under lit situations will create dark eyes and unflattering skin.

Getting to the second part of the framework, we can strip the photographer from all it's fancy camera's lights and equipment because in the end we're sitting with two people, a sitter and a photographer, an interaction and in the end a collaboration.

A portrait are not a mere likeness to the sitter, if that was the case everyone with a good lens or smartphone could be a great portraitist. As Phillip mentioned there is a connection between the sitter and the photographer that gets captured and carried to the viewer.

What a good casino bet and win playa del carmen is, will differ from person to person, some people wants vulnerability to be able to connect, some needs mystery to engage, some will need power to be challenged.

To me these are all true, the most important thing is that the viewer want to engage with the sitter, to get to know or to understand. What a portrait but a visual representation of who you are and what you stand for. When someone is looking at a picture of you, there is no background dialog that explains your view, morals, passions or fears.

Even a great portrait will not be casino bet and win playa del carmen to communicate all of this, but a portrait should be able to spark an interest of wanting more: I did a bit of research and listned to his TED talk and was immediately inspired by this dynamic man. I met with him and Co-Founder Sofia Johansson to offer my click here and very excitedly she asked me if I will create a little clip to explain the mission and Vision of CTO.

CTO is a capacity building organisation for social entrepreneurs and their initiatives for children and youth. Their Vision is to see initiatives, for children and youth, grow into sustainable organisations with good governance and financial transparency. Their mission is to recognise and invest in trustworthy, pre-existing initiatives in disadvantaged communities, thus establishing true change for the people involved through Sustainability, Maintainability and Independency.

Luckily they met Vivian who invited them to her home and told them about Xola Educare she had set up there and the challenges she was facing. Inspired by Vivian's dedication and seeing an opportunity to contribute to an existing local initiative, CTO was born. CTO recognize individuals who show an entrepreneurial side, a clear vision of an initiative, got a drive, passion, pride, heart.

These are the characteristics of a change agent for which we provide the platform, support and just click for source to become sustainable and independent. To get involved, please contact: It's lovely when the universe conspires, so this month the NGO came to me.

A good friend asked if I would be interested in offering my services to the NGO she is involved with. After a quick chat and a look at their website, I decided this is an organisation that I would love to work with. SAYes is a non-profit organization that train and support volunteer to mentor vulnerable young people. Gillian Anderson and Michelle Potter founded the organization for you people living in children's homes in South Africa in Their purpose is to inspire and inform leaders of social change through mentoring.

They're aim is to improve social impact, reducing social inequality and creating and supporting youth programmes to do good, better. SAYes also facilitate and support social initiatives like first time career opportunities for young people with mentor guidance to make a visible casino bet and win playa del carmen. Also including many youth programmes and services run by non-profits and government.

These programmes are well researched and aim to improve independence and well-being, creating youth that are able to make informed choices and follow healthy practices.

The team of support specialists is trained counselors, educators, coaches and social workers that coordinates information, resources and opportunities among the partners, volunteers and programmes. Their purpose is to "ignite opportunities for social change by providing a professional and personalised service to each mentor-mentee match".

TIL relies on mentorship along with cross-sector collaboration, digital infrastructure, and nested support to optimise meaningful transitions. There are many groups of vulnerable young people that could benefit from transition mentoring. SAYes affiliated programmes work with these groups using our transition platform.

I've been drawn to the portraits of Annie Leibovitz since I was introduced to her work in college. At that stage I did not quite know what was the fascination and why I found her portraits so powerful. As I started to develop my own style and noticed what is important to me in a portrait, I realized it was the honesty that seems to emanate from her subjects.

She was doing night classes in photography while studying painting at San Francisco Art Institute. She continued to develop her skill while holding on to several jobs until she started working for Rolling Stone Magazine casino bet and win playa del carmen as staff photographer. Three year later the became chief photographer and continued to work with the magazine for 10 year and shot covers. The picture was taken on December 8, and was the last professional photograph taken before John was assassinated hours later.

Leibovitz fun leeds that when John stripped down and Yoko didn't want to take her pants off she suggested to keep everything on. John automatically curled up next to her and this powerful image was created. Leibovitz joined Vanity Fair in and became known for her wildly lit, staged and provocative portraits of celebrities. Woopy Goldberg submerged in water and nude and pregnant Demi Moore being great examples.

She created a comprehensive body of work, including actors, athletes, writers, musicians and politicians to make up a collective portrait of contemporary culture and intellectual life. Later she started to contribute for Vogue as well and in she mounted an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, making her the second living person and first woman to be exhibited by the institution.

In casino bet and win playa del carmen to her magazine editorial work, Leibovitz has created several award-winning advertising campaigns, including the Got Milk camoaign and the Walt Disney, Year of a Million Dreams She's casino bet and win playa del carmen many book casino bet and win playa del carmen exhibitions of her photographs have appeared in museums and galleries all over the world. And to me one of her most powerful recent work is the Perelli where her interpretation created a beautiful, powerful collection of portraits of unique, independent woman of our time.

In a way Leibovitz can be seen as the photographer to the stars and her work can be very dramatic and highly styled but there is still a mix of intimacy and posturing. There is depth and humanity visible in each and every subject and that is the true art of a portrait.

According to Leibovits we never get more than a tiny slice of our subject but that tiny slice transcends past the two-dimensional medium it's displayed upon and touches you mind and your heart. As a portrait photographer I continuously get into the situation where I meet clients that either hate photographs of themselves or dread getting their photograph taking because they are "un-photogenic" or "always look horrible casino bet and win playa del carmen pictures".

Often when I show them quickly on the camera what I think is a great shot, they shy away from what they believe is a "terrible shot". Why do casino bet and win playa del carmen have this idea, why can we not face a picture of ourselves?

I decided to explore what happens in the brain to explain this. We know from perceptual science, a lot of what we perceive the world to be is pulled from memory. If you look at a logo, you glance at it, but you know what it looks like something gets pulled out of memory and that what you see.

The brain can understand an image in milliseconds and make decisions on that information in under a second. As the brain gets introduced to a situation, millions of neurons are firing to process and analyze the given raw material. Interestingly the brain finds shortcuts to process quicker, quicker is better than perfect. This is where the brain starts using previous experience and memory to make sense of the massive amount of information it receives every minute.

Now let's think of ourselves, how do we perceive ourselves, what is the map, where do we draw our information? It's the mirror…and what do you see in the mirror? An exact image of you… but in reverse. You have a very unique view as only you see yourself like this. Now we know that everyone is asymmetrical.

Thus every picture that you see of yourself differs from what you have in memory. We can say that you suffer from uncanny valley. This, casino bet and win playa del carmen aesthetics refers to the feeling of eeriness casino bet and win playa del carmen revulsion when presented with a human replica that appears to be human but not exactly. Examples can be found in robotics, 3d animation and lifelike dolls among others.

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