Casino duisburg restaurant co kg BOLLES+WILSON competition win for the New Luxemburg National Library is, after a eight year hibernation, currently under construction. It is now relocated from.

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You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Above the entrance and behind the inwardly sloping facade are conference rooms bridging the entrance foyer. The interior unfolds as a landscape of reading terraces stepping up to a consultation deck, casino duisburg restaurant co kg top of five floors of secure archives, a magazine acropolis, the core of the building.

These five casino duisburg restaurant co kg levels will contain the extremely valuable historic memory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. All interior materials are casino duisburg restaurant co kg for their absorptive capacity both acoustic and thermal.

The linear library arrangement leads up, like a landscape garden, to the upper reading plateau. This is elevated to the level of a park directly behind the BnL. The archive plateau is externally protected by a rough casino duisburg restaurant co kg encasement, based on the reuse of stones dug out for the basement level and reiterating the landscaped escarpment of the adjacent landscaping.

The Convento delle Clarisse of S. Maria di Monteluce originating in stands outside the Etruscan walls of Perugia, an outpost protecting one of the main access roads.

Expansion outside the medieval walls reached Monteluce at the end of the nineteenth century. A concurrent appropriation of religious assets by the State instigated the opening of a gate to the Piazza Monteluce and between and the construction in the monastery garden of a series of hospital pavilions. For economy and continuity many new structures occupy the footprint of redundant hospital buildings, a strategy that preserves casino duisburg restaurant co kg extensive terraced system of retaining walls and protected trees.

To the north are offices and a submerged supermarket. To the south a Hotel and Conference Pavilion frame the view in the direction of Assisi. Here deck- like upper casino duisburg restaurant co kg offer spectacular views of the historic skyline and Umbrian landscape. The strategic placement of these two Piazzas follows the typical Perugian trope of leaving one side of a space open for cooling winds and views out across the sensuous and gently rolling Http:// landscape views across the valley to Assisi.

The strategy of two piazzas introduces a spatial sequence resulting from the integration of the historic monastery and casino duisburg restaurant co kg th century chapel — their arched entrance portal announces the entry to the first new Piazza, now named Piazza Cecilia Coppolipoetess and humanist and opened on 19 th March by Catiusca Marini — President of the Region of Umbria. Not heritage listed, already condemned, the St. Sebastian church built in and deconsecrated in has been revitalized with continue reading most lively and positive function, i.

The elegant elliptical form of the nave physically anchors its surrounding neighborhood. Two levels casino duisburg restaurant co kg kindergarten group rooms are housed within, the roofs of these become an all-weather play deck. Grass green impact-protection flooring and street lights give the play decks the ambience of an outdoor space. A grid of 50 x 50 cm unglazed openings, the only originally glazed light source in the church, provide constant, natural ventilation.

Adjacent to the kindergarten nave, a new street facing extension houses the main entrance, kitchen, offices, technical rooms and one multipurpose room.

This is available for neighborhood events. Transformative processes, particularly those relating to delicate fine-grained historic cities like Haarlem are complex and protracted. In the case of the Raaks project it took casino duisburg restaurant co kg than ten years to evolve from the considered Urban Masterplan Donald Lambert — Kraaijvanger Casino duisburg restaurant co kg through a sequence of workshops and program rethinks to the final ensemble, which opened in October The edge block must both shield traffic and invite pedestriansit must signal and respectfully take its place in the sequence of facades that define the historic limit casino duisburg restaurant co kg the medieval city.

The complex functional mix began with one large and seven smaller Cinemas on the upper levels, a subterranean Casino and below that a parking deck for croupiers and gamblers. Even at this stage the two functions were divided by a bisecting passage leading from the visible and representative outside facade to the networked block interior. The question of scale and historic referencing of the windowless. The pavilion stands like a bookend in relation to the original s Works Fa c ade of the leading manufacturer of enamel steel bathtubs.

It connects to new reception spaces within the existing structure and to a planned administration wing. The mass of the stone-clad volume projects acrobatically. Structural dexterity is not the issue, mass is here co-opted as a silent, announcing presence.

The lobby behind is carved out of the existing volume. Meeting rooms hover above the entrance, the white source of the new fa c ade extends inwards as lobby floor and wall material.

After the spatial expansion of the lobby, lower ceilings and an emphasized materiality of wood panels introduce a contrasting intimacy. An east west piazza focusses the networked block interior. The principles of the Masterplan were: An internalised ramp allows three 18 m long trucks to park directly besides the first floor stage. The ramp roof provides an architectural promenade in the foyer. The Luxor facilitates with an appropriated spatial theatricality the well working of complex theatre logistics.

The casino duisburg restaurant co kg also marked the retirement of Luxor director Rob Wiegman — the great Rob Wiegman without whom this building, this resounding and on-going cultural event would not casino duisburg restaurant co kg happened. Despite the grand scale the building conjures a certain intimacy for individual users. The emerging BEIC remains true to the concept that won the casino duisburg restaurant co kg competition.

Within this architectural and organizational framework countless refinements have been invented terracotta facade, the bar-chart- acoustically-absorptive interior panelling and significant opportunities like the earthquake resistant wave-like ceilings have been identified and integrated.

Urban Concept — The site is linear, as casino duisburg restaurant co kg the remembered trajectory of the Stazione Vittoria. An east-west pedestrian walkway runs not parallel to but through the BEIC — urban networking. A 36 m high Urban Landmark — A vessel of culture and information, invitation, frame casino duisburg restaurant co kg enabler to multiple passages and trajectories. Reading arms extend out from the main volume. Windows like that to the main elevator lobby on axis with the Via Vertoiba, just click for source through framed views the interior back into the urban context.

The terraces of the various departments frame a communicative forum, a landscape of knowledge. Reading salons nestled into the sidewalls of the frame or balcony edge desks offer a wide variety of working atmospheres. Warm acoustically absorptive materials provide the required library ambience. Program — A 5 m high just click for source contains all functions outside the controlled library — Conference, Teaching Centre, Media Forum, Childrens Library with garden, carparks.

The walkthrough Lobby gives a visual orientation to all departments galleried above. It flows into the entrance, general information and reference zones. Reading Rooms are on the north side, Users Own in the east arm, connecting to youth areas.

Departments are on three upper balconies, with variable stores and connected via ramps in the reading arms — a flowing together. Workshops, offices and administration are in the 3 storey arm along the Via Monte Ortigara. A house as a large family room suspended in the city. A house with geant mon compte legs and a usable roof.

A house glanced by a passing Ninja Impressed Shadow Fa c ade. A verification not only of functionality but also of the attention casino duisburg restaurant co kg detail, to spatial multiplicity and to the source and atmosphere within.

The isle casino racing park of the overall building form are derived from internal organisation and from a careful re-constitution of the fragmented context.

A new pedestrian street on the axis of the nearby Lamberti Http:// divides the not inconsiderable mass of the Library. This fissure in the library volume is closed with folded screens copper outside, acoustically absorbing perforated wood panels within.

This in turn is adjacent to book stacks in the ship-like outer volume. The atmosphere is quiet, studious. The heavy walls on the exterior with their small windows were intended to give an appropriate medieval reading. The small windows from the inside did give an appropriate mysterious atmosphere but in terms of viewing Icons they were too bright and needed some interior masking casino duisburg restaurant co kg avoid too much contrast between a small area of bright outside light and the surrounding.

Black painted plaster was added framing and respecting the DEA window composition. This is necessary for reasons of security the public must not have casino duisburg restaurant co kg possibility to enter rooms where Icons are being worked on. The floor between entrance level and 1st floor has been removed over the entire left hand exhibition room.

This allows a new stair facilitating a simple and spectacular visitors circulation route. The new stair gives panorama views of a 9.

The interior concept develops zones of strong individual character defined by colour: The Sequential Rooms are carefully choreographed for the most dramatic effect:. The screen is packed with Icons. Visitors promenade freely and then step up to the stair landing where an information handrail tells them what they are looking at. These lead to an opening on the right. Walls are painted in a collage of matt and gloss black and grey to enhance the collage effect.

Side alcoves with lower ceilings and wooden floors bring individually hung Icons intimately close to viewers. The central zone is defined by a 10cm high platform on which stands the iconastas Altar screen.

The room displays the two most valuable icons from the 14h century. Casino duisburg restaurant co kg was expected that the emblematic casino duisburg restaurant co kg form of the church be demolished.

Instead the kindergarten colonized the nave. It was opened in a much published reuse casino titan for iphone interior green weather protected play decks.

Now phase 2 is complete, a peripheral frame of housing protecting the kindergarten from a noisy street and giving a precise edge to the adjacent park.

Market realities are clearly visible in the differentiation of the social subsidized housing with its bright white and pink plaster facade to Hammer Str. Only kitchen and bathroom windows are allowed to receive traffic noise; living rooms and balkonies turn inwards to the quiet green space surrounding the kindergarten.

Unexpected colour animates the lift and stair tower and the setback roof apartments. This polychrome trope also animates the skyline of the park elevation. Here big white frames give a grand order, a vertical hierarchy.

But ultimately it is the grandeur of the existing trees that claim the status of leading actors in the spatial choreography. The historic building will also be more autonomous.

Casino duisburg restaurant co kg

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