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Milos Markovic in Soccer Videos 4 Oct casino madrid interview Working as a pundit and a TV personality now, former Manchester United defender headed over to sunny Madrid to do an interview with his pal. Formerly a Chief Editor at the largest sports site in Serbia Sportske. His feature articles, editorials, interviews and match analyses have provided black taffy opinion and views, helping the football aficionados keep up to date on relevant events in world football.

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His new documentary series, Religion of Sports, delves into the power of faith that surrounds our passions as fans and athletes. At what point in your life did you fall in love with sports? Then at what point did you start to find this deeper meaning in them? Well, if I can pinpoint it, and I have thought about this, I think I was 11 years old. I grew up in Boston and I went to watch the Here playing the Bulls.

I was huge a Celtics fan and Michael Jordan scored 63 points in casino madrid interview double overtime loss, the Bulls lost casino madrid interview the Celtics. Casino ipad 2 0 ipa was God disguised as a basketball player.

I was blown away. Obviously I grew up in a world in which my father, his spiritual life was always around us and evolving. I think a lot of things I started to hear him talk about—I started to see and feel the importance. We shot it in, maybe August; casino madrid interview was the heart of the political season. And the guy who was an essential casino madrid interview, a year-old former marine who grew up in the south—frankly, he had very conservative values.

He was the stereotype. We had nothing in common politically and to some extent culturally. But we had sports, and we really bonded over that.

You see the deep divisions we have in so many areas right now, especially in this country, and yet we come together around this shared faith, which is sports. You see it in the ratings. You see it in the revenues. You see it in the attendance. Sports matter to us. I was surprised to see that you included eSports in Season One. How these people have to practice almost casino madrid interview. Were you taken aback by how fierce that competition really is?

Yeah, I think casino madrid interview was part of it. I was also surprised at the scale of it. I knew, because I hear about it all the time. But I think when you really look into it and you see how many people are watching, how many people are participating, how fast these arenas are selling out.

I was surprised at the scale of it. This is not some recreational activity. You now have these professional gamers where they have disciplined nutrition, casino madrid interview, sleep. The same thing that Kobe Bryant or Tom Brady practice, these guys are practicing. Those two guys were involved in the greatest Super Bowl upset of all time. While they were rivals on the field, they had enormous respect off of it.

Michael is a Hall of Famer. I would say casino madrid interview the first season that our audience was drawn to some of these smaller niche sports. So I think part of every season is click to have a soccer story in it. They casino madrid interview launched a new OTT over-the-top, not requiring cable platform themselves. I think one casino madrid interview look into the future and see all of that becoming integrated.

And so we are exploring partnership with Netflix on the international front. Having played high school and college sports myself and then covering local sports for a daily newspaper, I also saw a great number of negatives with the intensity of sport at that local level. The biggest problem has to be parents living vicariously through the athletic endeavors of their children.

The book Friday Night Lights did a great job with insight into that, Что holland casino zandvoort facebook они so did the documentary Trophy Kids. How do you reconcile that dark side as you extol the greater virtues of sports? And as religion itself has a very dark side, I think that is definitely the case with sports. I think that will increase in some of the stories we tell in Season Two and beyond.

I think you also, not unlike religion, the heart has a sort of truth to it. I think you need to talk about performance enhancing drugs, the money involved, and in the NCAA you see all the exploitation of athletes and stuff like that.

I mean these are real issues. Those are all very admirable and aspirational qualities. But I see the negatives too. It bothers me as a parent, but nothing is perfect in life. But I also think at the end of the day that sports have a sort of truth to them which continues to inspire me. He has millions of fans who look to him with incredible reverence. How would you even begin to describe the process of making your own name for yourself and going out into the world and not directly following in his footsteps?

How difficult is that to do? Because I would casino madrid interview many of the people you meet, many of the interviews you do, people often would expect you to act or sound like him, or kind of be directly involved with his philosophy. How do you get out of that box and how do you make your own path? I mean I think you sort of answered it in your question. Which is, you do what you love and you do what brings you fulfillment every day. Not because it seems like the evolution casino madrid interview his brand or something like that.

And I have to say my dad is casino madrid interview biggest supporter in that respect. Your documentary, Decoding Deepak, showed your dad as a human casino madrid interview flaws, and laid bare a lot of moments where his guard was down, moments most people would consider embarrassing.

With now a couple of years of distance from that film, has your relationship evolved since it had time to sink in? But there was no rift. We were working together on other projects. We are really close. Looking back now, my casino madrid interview is much older. Aside from you father, who in the field of spirituality do casino madrid interview admire?

Do you read other people? Well, right now my father is in the practice of working with a lot of great minds. His newest book is called You Are The Universe, which he wrote working with a quantum physicist. Eckhart Tolle is another person. I read the stuff.

What is a piece of source that you would offer to one of our readers who might be stuck? Find as much balance as you can and identify those things in your life that are taking away from that and casino madrid interview incremental steps.

When I get away from casino madrid interview of those things, I casino madrid interview too far out of balance. Those four things are never quite in balance, but when they are casino madrid interview far out of balance, I can feel it. I can feel it affecting my life and I just try to get back on the path. You can stream the first episode of Religion of Sports for free by clicking here:

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Read Caterina Murino's interview here. Learn about what the lovely Italian actress has been up to & why she adores Mandarin Oriental.
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