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The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Smart live casino 724. Top notes are rosemary, lime, mandarin orange and orangewood; middle notes are cypress, ginger, juniper berries, pink pepper and lavender; base notes are sandalwood, amber, patchouli, atlas cedar and oakmoss. Man this juice is powerful! First off i must say i love this parfum. Yesterday i bought a ml bottle which i have been wanting for 5 months already. I did 3 spritz in te morning and i believe i chocked a few people on subway.

No more than 2 sprays for me It will sound weard but it reminds me of The lentil soup the one smart live casino 724 drink when you get ill, with lots of spices Rosmarin and peppers probably and lemon you squeeze on it. This is one of the most delicious fragrances a man can wear, talking about when it was available and launched in USA - Went to repurchase at Macy's for my beau and was told it was discontinued 07 maybe.

I don't know if they reformulated it now here inbut this scent on a man really smart live casino 724 something fantastic! I think it represents a sexy, smart, confident guy who enjoys life!

Recently I've read in one magazine that James Bond should be wearing Spicebomb as his signature perfume! Well, James Bond is not some Metrosexual guy, but macho men wich is solving smart live casino 724 unbelievable situations into his favour. So he cannot wear Spicebomb even as a joke.

It is sharp, masculine frag, for a real man who dive favourite diciplinedrive fast cars another favourite habbit seduce most beautifull woman, and always win in casino, and is always fresh, masculine and down to earth. So this is exactly how this perfume smells. I have edition and it is very long lasting and fantastic smelling perfume, girls do not ask wich one am I wearing, their mouth is just shut with this one.

Another good L'eau d'Issey flanker which is actually smart live casino 724 than the original after L'eau d'Issey Intense. This one is a modern powerhouse smart live casino 724 a unique twist, which in this case is click here strong medicinal opening similar to the smell of a cough syrup.

It's neither good or bad, it's just different. That is why it should be tried before buying, as it may be off-putting. But if you get past the strange opening, the drydown is rich and deep and the scent stays with you for many hours. The quality of Bleue is remarkable, could easily be a niche scent 4 times more expensive. Just for the record, I have the batch, which is supposedly a bit different than the current batches. VaporTrail- so glad you got it and love it! Let us know other Miyake fragrances you discover!

I am so thankful for the smart live casino 724 on the Fragrantica forum who kept recommending smart live casino 724 one to me. I finally gave in, and WOW! What immediately struck me about L'Eau Bleue is how refreshing it is.

It's energizing, potent, and assertive, with a powerful green opening jump-started with juniper berries and lime. The analogies of a fresh rainfall in a forest are just spot-on. It really does smell that good! Such a natural, fresh, confident scent. I don't need more than sprays of this and it's plenty to get me through the work day feeling clean.

Another hit for Issey Miyake, and one that already has me contemplating my next purchase from this house. Thanks for the recommendation, guys! Herbal, soapy, very green and a smart live casino 724 fruity. Non sweet, for spring and summer a true masculine smell. Do not blind buy, not for everyone. Link smell reminds me of my village.

The green plants and aromatic herbs growing in the Middle Anatolian region of Turkey are telling me this perfume. And a cool wind blowing westward from Smart live casino 724. It's taken me a while after purchasing this to write more info review. It's a difficult scent to pin down, even after wearing for a while. I've decided that the "bleu" in Bleu d'Issey refers to a feeling rather than color, or, in smart live casino 724 terms, aquatic which it certainly is not.

I agree with other reviewers who mentioned this works well on rainy days rather than summer days. I grew up in the Linux blackjack game Northwest, and this scent reminds me of endless grey, rainy days, and the protracted undertones of melancholy that distill in one's psyche in such a climate.

You were aware that the sun was out, but could never actually see it, weeks on end. When I wear Bleu d'Issey, Smart live casino 724 bask in this delicious mournfulness, like listening to a Chopin Etude in some remote, minor key. I believe it's the contrast of the sunny citrus notes trying in vain to peak through the heavily coniferous mid smart live casino 724 base notes of juniper, cypress, and cedar.

The amber, patchouli, and oak moss smart live casino 724 to further darken the already overmatched smart live casino 724 notes, and Not tragic, not depressing. Perhaps peacefully resigned, as we Pacific Northwesterners are, to seasons of existential melancholy. Man, I love it!! It is a difficult scent to pin down, yes, but that's why it's a great scent.

You wear this one for yourself. I remember not loving the the smart live casino 724 eau, but admire its originality, but for the price, I just had to take it. I liked it but a week later found eau intense, same price and size and I was blown away, just so much better, and less Mossy than eau bleu. I definitely prefer intense, that mossy note is really anoying for me. If you have perfomance problems like me though, you smart live casino 724 like it, that note is quite potent so it will stay a while.

With my reviews, Взяла les sites de jeux gratuits nearly always put my thoughts in chronological order.

With that said, take my reviews if you read them as a whole and not as smart live casino 724 off the top. This one is as if I'm the Gordon fisherman pan searing my catch of the day with smart live casino 724, in the woods, surrounded by citrus fruits.

It's strange but there's something about it that makes me want to smell it after some time to calm down. I can't say that, outside of the olfactive collector, this will be a hit Someone in an earlier review described as "hip", which I agree with in spirit.

Those of us who dissect these frags will find much to like here. The initial spray really strong rosemary and thyme, a little woody.

This is off putting in and of itself. I can't imagine anyone wanting to smell this way. The magic of this one comes after about 30 minutes when those herbs mute a little. I can see why this wasn't a big seller as smart live casino 724 novices choose a scent based on the top notes. As it drys down I get a great mix of the aforementioned herbs with the cedar and oakmoss, slightly citrusy.

Lavender and sandalwood lingering in the background with all these other vivacious notes. Personally, I enjoy it with some time. Performance is pretty killer. I got about 9 or so hours with moderate to heavy sillage. That may or may not be good for this one since it is so unique that others around you may not be able to appreciate it. Very masculine, I do not see this being doable for a woman. With that said, I definitely don't see a man under 30 wearing this one either although subjective.

If you want unique, this is a good bet. I find something I like in everything however I could find no love with this and I wanted to like it as I love issey frags. This is my only cologne I don't like at all I guess you either love this or hate. I have a 75mL that's been sprayed a few times.

If anyone is interested in trading, let me know. Unlike what most people are saying here, when I first gave this blind buy a spray, i found a burst of fresh piney, wood, with a clean opening. Now, I thought I was in love until later in the day I found it to be quite off putting which was what made me want to trade for something else. Article source, due to the complexity this juice has to offer, it brings limitations for its uses.

I'm baffled at how people are claiming this to be a summer time fragrance because I myself tried it once and will never EVER wear this in the summer again. I was also in an 007 casino royale 1967 hd online too during the day which probably didn't help either so, neither would I EVER wear this indoors all day.

So, having that said i wanted to revisit this on day like today where summer is over and its a rainy, click here day with single digit temperatures I'm in Canada so that's Celsius.

Having done this my dislikes for this fragrance has changed. I find the progression this fragrance is determined on it's surroundings. I think the reason why I disliked this during the summer along with a few other fragrances which I'm beginning to notice was the base notes of patchouli, smart live casino 724, cedar, oakmoss, and sandalwood working together.

Everything has it's uses its just a matter of being used for what it was meant for imho. I really do like this fragrance, its challenging and I'm still trying to figure it out. It was a bold blind buy and I'm glad I gave it a second chance. I just got one and wearing it for the 1st time, blind bought based on the reviews here, and because I know Iseey Miyake casino tische mieten not be bad.

I'm very pleased with the fragrance and I got a compliment, which is good. The dry casino lindau bodensee happens kind of fast and I think it has an average longevity, so far after 6 hrs.

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Smart live casino 724 Group for Male Survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Tuesday Evenings — 7: Catharines, ON glennallan hopeformen. I am a sexual abuse survivor. What does this all mean to me? Http:// was sexually abused by my smart live casino 724 father around the ages The abuse started right after my parents divorce and ended when, I am assuming I got too old.

I was fortunate to be placed in foster care and therapy soon after the abuse click. At 31 years old and after an eleven year whirlwind alcohol addiction, I found myself having to turn over every stone in my now rock quarry of potential core issues. Even though I had gone through the smart live casino 724 as a child, it was imperative in my recovery to revisit the abuse with my developed adult mind, emotions and feelings.

After only a short time in the group it is helping me revisit the smart live casino 724 and express my emotions, feelings and how it affects me as an adult today. Most importantly I learn so much from the courageous men who share there past, healing presents and optimistic futures. Through this group I was able to turn over perhaps most important stone of all — my sexuality.

I knew I was different throughout my teen years and came out when I was 20 to myself and close friends. Dealing with my sexuality mirrored dealing with my abuse in some ways. For instance I had tremendous shame, guilt and internal oppression avoiding my sexuality much learn more here my abuse.

The group and my support system at Wayside allowed me to face the demons of shame, guilt and internal oppression towards both the abuse and my sexuality head-on. I have to get comfortable in the uncomfortable so my healing journey can truly begin. I hold the unwavering belief that something as beautiful as compassion and romantic love for another person cannot be bred from something as evil as sexual abuse.

Did I drink because of my abuse? Was I gay because of my abuse? Questions like these give less power to more important ones such as: How can I heal while helping smart live casino 724 in similar situations? How can I embrace the unique challenges that my abuse has placed in front of me? I passionately live and answer these questions everyday. I am blessed to have amazing people and organizations in my life because when I was ready, I reached out for help and they reached back.

I am truly no longer alone and hope is plentiful today. Life is too beautiful to mull around on my own. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest. Current Member Of the Niagara Group. My name is Grant Joseph.

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